Calories in Watermelon

 Watermelon is a thirst killing and sweet fruit. It contains above 91% of pure water. It is big in size. An average watermelon has a weight of 4kg. Calories in watermelon are very low in number and every person can takes it without any precautions except sugar patient. There are over 45 varieties of watermelon and seed lees variety is also available now. Every variety is different in color, taste and size. It is a fruit of sands. It is large in size and don't look like banana, apple and strawberry.
Watermelon contains zero fat and very low in calories. Vitamin A and C are also important ingredients of watermelon.
It is an antioxidant treasure which helps fighting against many kinds of cancer and also reduces its danger. Vitamin C improves immune system and prevents cancer. Cholesterol conscious can eat this fruit without any hesitation. Calories in watermelon are very low in number and it is a very light diet for refreshment.
Calories in watermelon of average size i.e. 4000g or over are just 1200. So it is not large in number you can eat this fruit at any time and make any type of dish.

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