Calories In Honey

Amount of calories in honey

There are 64 calories in one tablespoon of honey which are equal to 46 calories in a tablespoon of sugar. (Or has 22 calories in a teaspoon of honey, compared to 16 calories in a teaspoon of table sugar.) While the number of calories in the honey is, actually use less of it because it is sweeter than table sugar. And for many people, no honey is a healthier option preferred because of their vitamins and minerals that can aid digestion, and antioxidants, which can also provide health benefits.

There are sugar units in honey as table sugar - glucose and fructose. Table sugar or granulated sucrose, glucose and fructose has hooked together, whereas in honey, fructose and glucose is in individual units. Fructose is sweeter than glucose. However, fructose is converted to energy as efficiently as glucose. As a result, rebuilt processed foods that contain fructose, sugar high in fat stores more easily than honey. Honey, a natural sweetener, has only one processing step is included - heating to prevent crystallization and the process of yeast fermentation during storage, while table sugar is very complete with all the natural trace elements of plant sugar cane to remove, leaving "empty calories" and do not have food, such as vitamins, minerals and important enzymes.

Thus, ironically, in developed countries, there are many obese people suffering from malnutrition!

Reduce simple sugars in your diet by eliminating chocolate and candy. If you can not resist sweets, replace them with healthy natural sweeteners like honey. Eat regular meals with protein and fat in each, and eat complex carbohydrates that are rich in soluble fiber - fruits and vegetables, for example. Fat, protein and soluble fiber moderate fluctuations in blood sugar. Other than the fear that excessive consumption of sugar calories and so can lead to obesity, some people have a reaction to sugar, called reactive hypoglycaemia, which is characterized by irritability, nervousness, headaches, sweating and confusion for a few hours after a meal high in simple sugars. These symptoms are caused by the overproduction of insulin by the pancreas in response to sugar in the blood increases.

Benefits of Honey

Most of the time to eat natural foods are something that is good for the body. One type of natural food is honey. There are many benefits to eating honey should be aware of what you can get these benefits.

The main benefit of eating honey is that it is a natural sweetener. Although it has calories in it, can still be better for you than white sugar. Some people prefer a natural alternative instead of using artificial sweeteners that are in the market.

Honey is rich in vitamin B. The advantage is that there are many foods that have a large assortment of B vitamins, such as honey. If you lack in this area, to start adding honey to your grain, food and beverages.

Honey is high in antioxidants. Many people are looking for ways to eat more of them, because they have some cancer prevention in them. If you want honey, which is higher in antioxidants, you have to look dark honey. Dark honey is better.

Many people suffer from seasonal allergies. One way to fight against this is to start eating local honey. You will find a market for farmers in most cases, to ensure that it is truly local. Your body will be introduced to native plants and pollen, there is honey, which is why this tends to work.

The use of honey in your tea. The tea is quite bitter, while the honey is sweet treat for two tastes a bit. Hot tea with honey in it will help you overload, you might have something like an allergy.

Remember that honey in the same good food should not be exceeded. It 'still sugar. It 'still a lot of energy. This is why it is natural does not mean you should use this as an excuse to eat all day.

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