How Many Calories To Lose Weight

Before learning the term "how many calories to lose weight" we have to know about the term calorie

A calorie is a measure of food energy. Scientifically, a calorie is the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius.

Caloric needs of the population are different. The calories in our diet are necessary for the functioning of the body to stay alive and doing other activities.

Sixty to 65 percent of the calories consumed by the exercise of bodily functions like breathing, merging, cleaning blood from the heart rate, maintaining body temperature, etc. The other ten percent are consumed in processed foods consumed.

A minimum of 1200 calories per day is needed just to keep it alive. Low caloric intake is reduced iron levels and lower your metabolism.

Different people need different Amount of Calorie

The question how many calories to lose weight have different answers for different people because many factors such as age, height, sex, weight, height, activity level and weather conditions in the environment determines calorie needs for an individual.

Small body size and temperature warmer than the environment of the calorie needs for people living in tropical climates in the age group of people living in temperate zones.

Also, age plays an important role in determining caloric intake. Nobody in their twenties, is a high-calorie needs 2300 calories per day. Gradual reduction of this amount is in your life to grow. This calorie needs decrease with age is partly due to the deposition of fat increases.

The next step is to take into account gender aspects. Overall, nine men 55 percent more calories than women. This is because men have a higher percentage of lean muscle in your body. However, pregnant women and nursing mothers require about 300-500 more calories per day than normally required.

Physical activity is another important factor caloric needs of individuals. A person whose job involves more physical work will have higher calorie needs than the other as leader of his peers leads a sedentary lifestyle.

Each Food Contain Different Number of Calorie

How many calories to lose weight should be taken because different nutrients contain different amounts of calories? Approximately, proteins and carbohydrates contain about four calories per gram. There are about nine calories per gram of fat, and about seven calories per gram of alcohol. Obviously, this shows that the decline in consumption of food containing alcohol and more fat, cut your calorie intake.

Dieting does not mean that eating foods low in calories. Your diet should be nutritious, on the other. A nutritious diet will help you lose weight through various means.

First with the way your metabolism. Metabolism is the term used to describe the way your body processes and uses the food you eat. There are a number of minerals and vitamins necessary to maintain the efficiency of your metabolism. A healthy metabolism will be affected if the body lacks any of these minerals and vitamins. This will affect your weight loss negative model.

Second, the lack of good nutrition for digestive problems. The food you eat is not digested and absorbed properly. The digestive system needs for nutrition, such as minerals and vitamins. It also requires that dietary fiber. Gastrointestinal disorders, also known as the gastrointestinal tract is received if your intake of dietary fiber are many, as this helps to clear the tracks and avoid complaints of constipation and indigestion as IBS and diverticulitis.

Here Are Some Other Foods That Are Associated With weight Loss and Gain.

Empty-calorie foods: Foods rich in empty calories is the worst kind, in the light of nutrients and calories. These beverages and foods that provide calories to your diet, nutrition, little or none. They provide no vitamins, minerals and physio chemical fight against the disease of his body in relation to the calories they add. People who are overweight or obese, or those trying to lose weight in their bodies should avoid foods with empty calories. Energy drinks, soft drinks, candy, soft drinks, regular soft drinks, candy, etc.

Calorie foods: high in calories and high fat foods, fat and sugar, both fall into the category of high-calorie foods. Including sausages, butter, mayonnaise, low fat cheese for baking, cakes, white flour, certain types of commercial popcorn, snacks rich in bread, candy, foods high in calories and is generally dense foods. Not recommended for people who expect to lose weight.

The negative calorie foods: negative calorie foods are foods that burn more calories in their care than they actually contain. Calories, these foods cause a lot of resistance, and the system is used a lot of energy to break them. This gives the ability of these natural foods to burn fat and rich. Eating these foods to lose weight fast. Asparagus, celery, lettuce, onion, papaya, spinach, turnips, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, beets, mango, cauliflower, garlic, pumpkin, pineapple, oranges, raspberries, strawberries, grapefruit, cranberry, lemon, apple, mandarin, etc are negative calorie foods.

Fat burning foods: There are certain foods that will help you in many different ways, each burn body fat faster. Examples of these foods are avocados, olives, green tea, ice water, pepper, spinach, eggs, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cinnamon, almonds, bread, grains, oil fish, oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, beans, legumes, etc.

To the best type of weight loss through calorie control, have all the food groups in the daily diet. Include fat, but the right kind of fat, such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Aim to lose no more than 2 pounds of fat a week. Do not form a complete control calorie, which was based on a diet completely. Burn about fifty percent of the calories that you want to cut your daily dose of exercise. Exercises not only help you lose weight, but also the shape and color for you!

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