Calories in Sushi

Have you ever wondered how many “calories in a sushi”?
One of the most popular foods in China is sushi. It's basically a raw fish meat. However, it tastes much better than it looks. This delicacy has gripped the world. Because of its low price, both in the sharp stars and normal people can enjoy the taste of sushi

Fortunately, the sushi is a food is not fattening and do not contain many calories. It is made with white, short grain, Japanese rice mixed with a dressed rice vinegar, sugar and salt. Rice contains a certain amount of carbohydrates. Sushi can be eaten without rice sashimi, which will also reduce the amount of calories consumed. This traditional Japanese food is also rich in protein, which helps build lean muscle.

Some of the restaurants with a preference for calorie flavored sushi clock can add ingredients such as mayonnaise, which will increase its caloric value. Sushi containing mayonnaise and cream cheese, tempura and sushi are also often high in calories. Not recommended in slimming diets.

However, the information on this page should give you a good estimate of calories and food ingredients of sushi items.

Check the amount of calories and nutrients in basic sushi rolls, nigiri sushi (sushi on a bed of rice), sashimi (sushi without rice) and sushi condiments like wasabi.

Here are the amount of calories in most popular lists.

A sushi roll contains 140 kcal lawyer. California Roll has 255 kcal. Kappa Maki cucumber roll will give 136 kcal.

Another type of sushi, the fish on a bed of rice, called nigiri sushi is usually served a fish that weighs about 0.5 ounces or 14 grams.

Sushi Sake called salmon contains 50 calories. Shiro Maguro albacore tuna (albacore) Nigiri sushi is 55 calories. Nigiri sushi with fish yellow Buri has 51 calories.

If you use a calorie counter and want to reduce your calorie intake but still enjoy Japanese food, try eating sashimi, which is fish without rice. For example, sweet shrimp sashimi Amaebi contains 30 calories per ounce of a room. Ikura salmon sashimi has 19 calories per ounce. Tako octopus sashimi, with 46 calories.

You might be surprised, but wasabi is a fair amount of calories. One hundred grams (3.75 ounces) contains 265 calories of wasabi paste. So go ahead and find all the truth about “calories in sushi”.

You're probably wondering, can fit in your diet, and how many “calories in sushi”. If you read further, you will find the answers to these questions.

For starters - the answer is not simple. Sushi is not just one type of food! It is a type of food - you have many recipes and dishes that look like sushi. However, information on each piece of sushi can be found.

But instead of spending huge amount of hours on the web, trying to find out how many calories are there in a plate of sushi, why not take a look at a picture! The work is already done for you - just type the name of your favorite food and find sushi on the table, and voila - you can savor the taste of sushi and tracking your diet the same time.

The sushi is great for keeping low-calorie diets, as it is low in fat and has not disappeared in all types of frying or baking. More fish meat is good for your health - even improve your brain power and mental power.

In most cases of calories in sushi ranges from 140 to 372 per roll of 40 to 60 sushi nigiri sushi and sashimi 30 to 60. So feel free to eat sushi - sushi calories are good for you and the fish is good for your mental and physical health.

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